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A Brighter Future.


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A Common Sense Plan

Hello members of Hamilton and surrounding districts! I am Dallas Barr, a County Planning Committee member, a Social Worker, and former FBLA Liaison. I was born and raised here in New Jersey my entire life. I love our district, and I’m excited to officially announce my candidacy for Board of Education in the upcoming General Election this year. I have a small child that attends our learning institutions and I have worked/lived in our district over the last several years effecting change at the county and local level. I'm on a mission to strengthen linkages to adolescent mental health services, conserve sensible curriculums in place, and work effortlessly to ensure classroom safety for our students and teachers alike. As for teaching staff and faculty, a vote for me is a vote for increasing salary while decreasing public spending. I will be present. You will see me involved and engaged in the community I serve, and the policies we create or enact will directly strengthen our district. Let's maintain good values like transparency, integrity, and respect and be role models for the students of tomorrow. Let's build a brighter future. Together. 

                                                                                       - Dallas Barr, Hamilton Twp School Board Candidate '22


Family Services


  • Child Abuse Hotline                                                                                                 800-792-8610

  • Division of Children Protection and Permanency                                               877-652-2873           877-NJ-ABUSE

  • National Youth Crisis Hotline                                                                                 800-448-4463


Crisis Services


  • NJ Department of Mental Health State                                                                800-382-6717

Central Region                                                                                                                  609-777-0674

  • Missing Children Hotline                                                                                         800-843-5678

  • Domestic Violence Hotline                                                                                     800-572-7233

  • Family Helpline                                                                                                         800-THE-KIDS


Middlesex/Mercer County Hotlines

  • Family Guidance Center of Central NJ                                                                  800-813-0555

  • Jewish Family & Children’s Services                                                                      609-987-8100

  • Trinity Counseling Service                                                                                       609-924-0060

  • Family Crisis Intervention Unit of Mercer Co.                                                       609-989-6082

  • UMDNJ/University Behavioral HealthCare (24 hr.)                                              732-235-5700

  • CCIS — Children under 18 (Mon-Fri, 9-5)                                                               732-235-5705

  • Raritan Bay Mental Health Center (24 hr.)                                                            732-442-1666

  • Substance Abuse Hotline                                                                                        800-225-0196

  • MOBILE Response and Stabilization Services                                                     609-584-0790

  • Princeton Psychological Center, LLC                                                                     609-658-0368

  • Good Grief                                                                                                                  609-498-6674

  • Corner House                                                                                                             609-924-8018


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